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8 Retirement Myths Debunked

I found this article on my Yahoo News feed and thought it was worth sharing. It was written by Dave Hughes and originally appeared in U.S. News and World Report. Some wise counsel here. During your working years, you may … Continue reading

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Trophies Don’t Go To Those With A Good Beginning: Thoughts from the Back of the Bus

I am so proud to present a guest writer to this blog today. My grandson, Matt Northway, is a high school junior and track athlete who throws both the shot and discus. Sitting in the back of the team bus … Continue reading

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Finishing Well or Running the Race?

Much has been written on the subject of “Finishing Well.” People of all flavors who are in my stage of life, are wondering how they can live out the remainder of their lives well. For some of us that may … Continue reading

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The Heart of Man Plans His Way … A Lesson from the Porcelain Throne

From time to time, my wife and I are complimented on the style and design of our home. While we are pleased with the way things turned out, there are some things that turned out better than we could have … Continue reading

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Integrity – The Blessing

When looking to the topic of ethics, the word integrity quickly comes to mind. Defined as “wholeness, an unimpaired moral state, honest and sincere, by the Oxford American Dictionary.¬†Closely related to integrity is the word integrated. ¬†When we live our … Continue reading

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Living Life In Crescendo

I’ve had this philosophy about stewardship of the 62 years that God has invested in me. I’ve felt that I should not go sit on the sidelines and put the years of experiences, life lessons and professional skills on the … Continue reading

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Lessons of the Day

Notes from today’s sermon. The text was Genesis 41 – 50. The message was one of the best I’ve heard taken from the life of Joseph. As Architect, God has a plan for my life. As General Contractor, God uses … Continue reading

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