Ponderosa Perspectives contains the thoughts of a man blessed in so many ways by the God of Heaven. A fundamental theme throughout these reflections is a quote that I picked up several years ago from A. W. Tozer. In his book “Knowledge of the Holy,” Tozer begins by saying “What comes into your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you.”

When I read that observation I was struck with the depth of that truth. Many times over the years since adopting that statement, I have been drawn back to the truth of that statement. I would challenge you to reflect on your life and how your view of God affects the way you respond in life situations.

Beyond the above, I am a family man, married to Judy in 1966 and we have been blessed with two daughters, two great and godly sons-in-law and five grandchildren. As a family we now number 11 souls who have a great time together and encourage one another along the pathways of life.

A high-level career summary would call out a time in manufacturing with Rayette-Faberge, a fun and amazing 30 years with IBM, a brief but important time with Equifax building an online consumer business, engagement in my son-in-law’s used office furniture business, and strategic technology leadership for Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Compassion International and National 4-H Council.

Along the way, I have been active in church leadership and a student of God and His word. I have led many Bible study groups with those who share a desire to apply God’s principles to their lives.

The rest of the story is steeped in generations of godly people who have prayed for their children and grandchildren. I am the beneficiary of a people who have been faithful to God and because of their prayers and faithfulness, God, in turn, has blessed them and those of their generations who have chosen to pursue a relationship with Him.

Much more could be written here, but this gives you a bit of the background on the author of this blog and some of life’s experiences that have influenced me. If by any chance you have been challenged by or appreciate the thoughts expressed here, I would welcome comments and feedback.

Until then, everything written here is intended to bring glory to the One who gave Himself for me and for you.

Bill Regehr

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  1. jacquelinegwallace says:

    Hi Bill! I wasn’t aware you blogged. I like the little I’ve read so far! Thanks, by the way, for liking my blog post of Aug. 23. Keep unpacking that grace!


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