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Guest Blog by Wally Fowler – I met Wally on a cruise while reading my Bible and writing my thoughts down in a journal for my son-in-law. Wally, who is one of those irresistible forces that sows seeds of encouragement wherever he goes, stopped by to chat and inquire about my writing. From that brief conversation in the coffee shop aboard the ship, Wally and I have established an e-friendship and mutual respect for one another. As you can see by his most recent Christmas card, he is all about leaving a legacy for which his family will be thankful. He penned the following today and I think it worthwhile sharing here. Enjoy and may God bless you in the coming year. Here’s a word from Wally:

When it comes to the issue of leaving a legacy, none of us has a choice of whether or not we’re going to leave one. It’s a foregone conclusion. The only choice we have is what kind of legacy it will be. We are writing our legacy each and every day by the choices we make about how to invest our time and by what we decide to do with our God-given talents. Our legacy is written in how we use the personal resources we’ve been given and what we do with the opportunities each day brings.

These choices make up the script of our lives, written over a lifetime and left for all to read. Young sets of eyes and ears (older sets of eyes and ears too!), will study and listen to that script and they will take careful notes. And because of who we are in relation to them, they will take what they’ve found and draw serious conclusions about their own lives. It is essential that we leave them a legacy that points them to God and inspires them to follow the right path.

I hope you will ask:
“What should I be doing NOW to make sure I am leaving a legacy that will impact those who belong to the eyes and ears mentioned above?”

1. Bring honor to your families’ reputations by living lives of integrity publicly and privately.
2. Make decisions with an eternal perspective.
3. Leave clear tracks for folks to follow.

It behooves us to cut a straight trail through life for them. They need to see us choosing grace, backing up our words with actions, avoiding cynicism, and demonstrating faithful living. We ALL have a powerful opportunity to show them how people invest their time in serving God and others. They will be proud to receive and carry on your legacy here on earth and in Heaven.

The children of your people will live in security. Their children’s children will thrive in your presence.  ~ Psalms 102:28

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Papa to five grandchildren, Dad to two daughters and two sons-in-law, Husband of one wife. Leaving a legacy of thought and perspective worth carrying through the generations that follow.
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