Patriarch Part I

This is from 2009 but as true today as it was then.

View from the Ponderosa

I have been involved in writing and discussions with men on a variety of topics. Two of the issues that frequently come into the dialog are leaving a legacy and leadership in the home. Whenever they are exposed to thoughtful discussions on the topic men begin to realize that they are leaving a legacy, whether it is intentional or not. Equally challenging is the realization that, for many, the path they are on is not a model that they would want to have engraved on their tombstones. What they want to leave is the model of a man who influenced his family and those around him in the neighborhood and workplace in a positive way representing values that build up and encourage others. For most this includes leaving a significant spiritual impact as well. Men are made with a desire to leave their mark yet few have been challenged regarding…

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About ponderosapapa

Papa to five grandchildren, Dad to two daughters and two sons-in-law, Husband of one wife. Leaving a legacy of thought and perspective worth carrying through the generations that follow.
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