Living in the Present

Many people smile when I tell them that I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. One would think that at my age, I’d have things all figured out and be totally focused on accomplishing tasks based on who I am. Instead, I work at waiting on God to lead in my life. It is true that not one job that I’ve had in my years of working has been of my own striving and attaining. Everything and every job has been by the hand of God. Rather than pursuing particular career paths, pursuit of God’s direction for me has proven to be the path of blessing in my life.

God’s challenge for me has been to live each day loving others and let Him worry about my future. Does this mean that every day is a cake walk and  therefore worry and trouble free? I find plenty of reasons to take issue with the lot dealt to me on a particular day. Some days I let these things pass, but on others I struggle. Yet, taking a long view, my habit has been to wait on the Lord. Does this mean I sit by idly waiting on God to magically deliver? No, one of His principles is that the person who won’t work, should not eat. We have gone through seasons where, as the head of our home, I had the responsibility to pursue work to feed the family. Yes, there were times when my wife needed to help out by working as well. But through it all, He has taken me on paths I would never have pursued intentionally, and in the process blessed me and our family beyond measure.

This is not a story of the Lord helps those who help themselves. While that may sound good, that’s not the way it works. This is a story of placing all our anxieties at His feet because He cares for us. This is a story of faith. Not a story of name it and claim it, but rather a story of His provision of our needs. He knows our hearts and how we will handle certain levels of prosperity. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the wealth of every mine. His work here on earth is fully funded by what He has placed in our pockets.

This summer has been a season of blessing which came from following the path He set before us. Six years ago He laid on our hearts a desire to build a barn on our property with the intent of storing the tractor, yes, but more importantly that this building would be a place where ministry would take place. This summer we’ve been hosting a weekly gathering of Fellowship of Christian Athletes from local high schools. It began with an event the likes of which we could never have dreamed. It was opening night for the summer session of the Palmer Ridge High School chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Over 100 high school kids participated and approx 50 parents came to learn more about the program. All summer more than 70 young people have come together to minister to each other and to be challenged in their walk of faith. At another time I’ll share some of the stories of lives that have been forever changed.

The Lord provided for our needs, and at the same time provided a place where His work in the hearts of young people could take place. There have been some interesting times during the years since we moved to Colorado and built the barn, but every year God has provided for us and our family. God has blessed our family by allowing us to participate in what He is doing. Our challenge each day is to look to see what He is doing and then to find a way to get on board and be a contributor to that effort.

We have no grandiose dreams of being the next Truett Cathy, or the next Billy Graham, only to be faithful today and available for His call on our lives for today. He has much He wants to teach us yet in preparing us for eternity, an interesting concept some may be interested in hearing more about. But for today, celebrate the good things that have come your way. Try making note of each blessing that has come your way. You’ll be surprised at all the good things that are happening in your life. Then look to see what God is doing around you and get involved. Put yourself in the path of His blessings, and have a great day!

About ponderosapapa

Papa to five grandchildren, Dad to two daughters and two sons-in-law, Husband of one wife. Leaving a legacy of thought and perspective worth carrying through the generations that follow.
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  1. Tony Hrbek says:

    Great message Bill…thanks so much for sharing.


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