The Pinnacle of Life

I’ve had some new thoughts passed my way recently and am using this vehicle to muse over them in my own words. They have to do with “arriving” as a culmination of one’s life.

Dr. Robert Clinton has posited in his book “The Making of a Leader” that there are five phases of leadership development, particularly that of a Christian leader who engages in ministry. While my summarizations are gross over-simplifications, the five phases are:

  1. Sovereign Foundations (God’s truths are built into us)
  2. Inner-Life Growth (We develop our own personal faith)
  3. Ministry Maturing (God places us in ministry that allows us to work out our faith)
  4. Life Maturing (We are able to blend faith, ministry and life issues based on experience)
  5. Convergence (God is able to use us in a place that becomes the culmination of our life work and ministry)

Without going into the detail of each, the concept is that in each phase God works in us to teach us things about ourselves and the leadership model that He desires for us. Even in our various ministry assignments, God is more about working in us and bringing us to greater maturity and Christlikeness than He is about working through us. While we can be certain that He is accomplishing multiple purposes simultaneously, His primary mission is that of working in us and completing His work in us. The goal is to bring us to a place where our gift-mix, spiritual maturity and life maturity are able to converge and we are able to carry out ministry naturally out of what we are and what God has accomplished in us. This is a preferred outcome rather than carrying out ministry because of our personal extensive ministry experience or secular career achievements.

Interestingly, Clinton states that few ever get to live out ministry in a position of convergence, for the most part because we allow ourselves to be caught in positions that limit the use of our gift-mix. My belief is that even though convergence may be reached in one sense, His work is never finished in us and so we continue a cycle of learning, growth and maturing until we are ready for the next cycle.

About ponderosapapa

Papa to five grandchildren, Dad to two daughters and two sons-in-law, Husband of one wife. Leaving a legacy of thought and perspective worth carrying through the generations that follow.
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