Lessons of the Day

Notes from today’s sermon. The text was Genesis 41 – 50. The message was one of the best I’ve heard taken from the life of Joseph.

As Architect, God has a plan for my life.

As General Contractor, God uses others to accomplish His will in my life.

Examples from history:

After God told Moses that he would lead the people of Israel out of Egypt Moses spent 20 years in the wilderness.

After God anointed David as the next king of Israel he spent years on the run from Saul who hunted for David with intent to kill him.

After giving Joseph the vision that he would lead his brothers Joseph was sold into slavery and thrown into prison.

Your gifts do not make you useful to God. What makes you useful is what God does in your life.

There is no such a thing as wasting time when you’re waiting on God. We’re not going anywhere until it is God time.

When God’s hand is on you even unbelievers praise God.

So much for sayings and platitudes. Where does this leave me? The very abbreviated version goes like this.

I have been blessed to see how God has had His hand on so many aspects of our move to Colorado. There are enough signs that I truly believe that He has a plan for us in that new location. The highlights include the sale of our home without putting it on the market in a year when the real estate market went in the tank. We were the only home declared privately to be “available” in the May to July time frame. Immediately after our sale, four homes went on the market. As if to put His signature on this deal, a contract was received after the home suffered major water damage from a second story pipe leak. The only time the wife saw the home was when it was torn up for repairs. Then we were blessed with a gracious and professional insurance company in Liberty Mutual. Their handling of the claim allowed us to put the home in even better shape than it had been before the damage.

He has provided us with a builder that can be trusted and who is an elder in our Colorado church. When building a custom home from a distance of 1,500 miles, that is a very important ingredient. In addition, He has provided lots of encouragement along the way with networking connections for employment opportunities and very viable alternatives that can be woven together to make the employment transition a smooth one. The stories around this aspect of the move are too numerous to outline here. The timing of Judy’s employment situation at the church is more perfect than any human, even those who lead the church, could have orchestrated over such a period of time.

We’ve both come through a period of significant ministry roles. Now we’re in a season of being refreshed and looking forward to our next opportunities.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. God does have a plan for both of us as a couple and individually. The exciting part is waiting to see how this all turns out. Our prayer is that the world will praise the God of Heaven when the rest of the story becomes known.

About ponderosapapa

Papa to five grandchildren, Dad to two daughters and two sons-in-law, Husband of one wife. Leaving a legacy of thought and perspective worth carrying through the generations that follow.
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