Grace Alive

As He is wont to do with great regularity, the Lord highlighted a passage from Nahum 2 several years ago. I have repeatedly been reminded of that passage since that time because of its applicability to activity in general across the body of Christ. The passage comes in the context of a warning of destruction to the city of Nineveh and describes an attack by the Lord’s armies. In verses 5 and 6 Nahum writes: “He summons his picked troops, yet they stumble on their way. They dash to the city wall; the protective shield is put in place. The river gates are thrown open and the palace collapses.”

It is important in light of this description that we exercise all the grace we can muster as various ones of us “dash to the city walls” because none of us does it perfectly. This would describe believers well since we are a chosen people yet we stumble on our way to taking up the spiritual battles we’ve been called to fight. It is important to note that the Lord causes the palace to collapse (gives the victory) in spite of the way we carry out our portion of the battle.

He said My grace is sufficient for you. Before we even take up the charge He has extended us grace. How important it is for us then to grant grace to those whom we might humanly be prone to criticize. I was reminded of this truth this evening while with friends that God uses to speak into our hearts. Without being asked our friend had extended forgiveness for various behavior patterns that had caused discord in the body. Such a grace is an indication of the maturity of the individual but also is a model we need to have constantly before us as a reminder of what God through Christ set at the core of our faith.

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Papa to five grandchildren, Dad to two daughters and two sons-in-law, Husband of one wife. Leaving a legacy of thought and perspective worth carrying through the generations that follow.
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